Harumi Kodama

Drippings of Dream – Harumi Kodama’s Paintings.

A town, tower or airship you cannot name. And the back of somebody, and strange, bird-like creatures.

Each motif and a light band looking like a rainbow is stratified as if an ordinary perspective were collapsed.

At first glance, these pictures would be seen to be not in order. A motif freely gets into the region of another motif. One color and another color, and one shape and another shape are woven into each other like a fabric, overlapping each other while intertwining. One piece of picture, which is never large, looks as if numerous pictures were coexisting in it.

However, don’t you think that primarily a dream must have been something like that?

A chaotic plot seems as if it would refuse to combine motifs into one story. Despite that, the colors leave a vivid impression on the viewers.

The matière brought about by intentionally leaving the original texture of materials without elaborating it too much must be contributing to reinforcing this impression.

As if it were a dream violently ended all of a sudden. As if the hand feeling of an incomplete dream were remaining on the pillow.

Incongruousness accumulating inexorably like lees in the real world which should have consistency is sealed up with Kodama’s paintbrushes, only in rhythm to move the hand, gropingly according to the reason of a dream.

Her painting is in the dream, half refusing to wake up, calmly waiting for the story to go on while letting drippings of the dream permeate through the small canvas …

By Nobutaka Imamura (Kyoto University of Art and Design)