Kineta Kunimatsu

Born in Sapporo in 1977. Sculptor. After graduating from the Department of Sculpture at Tama Art University, he started to work based in Tobiu Art Community in Shiraoi-cho in 2002.

In recent years, he has been producing his works, based on various subjects of outlines (Boundaries) that exist in the landscape, such as the horizon and mountains, and works such as sculptures, paintings and installations. He mainly focuses on presenting his works worldwide at both solo and group exhibitions such as a solo exhibition at SPIRAL in Tokyo “material”, and a group exhibition at Annantalo Arts Center in Helsinki “* folding cosmos HELSINKI”. He also involves in planning various art related events and exhibitions as a part of the works at Tobiu Art Community.

Artist Statement
In my opinion, there is no existence of line as a boundary, or so-called the ground or water horizon; but instinct-wise, human beings show a strong interest in it by means of staring at it. Therefore, I tend to create certain overlapping towards memories of viewers, through by my works, and the nature of reality. As a result, viewers will bring about respective perspectives towards my works.