Midori Imazu

She started dyeing with plants while learning agriculture. Imazu moved her base to Kyoto and founded in GreenGlimFarm in 2016.

Midori creates works using a plant dyeing method in an agricultural off-season, out of her desire to express the beauty, strength and cruelty of the wild nature through her works while facing the vegetables, plants, flowers, insects and birds in the farm as a farmer every day.

Concept of Work
The seasons in Japan are largely divided into four seasons, in which there are twenty-four small seasons, and in which there are seventy-two smaller seasons.

This is a way of thinking conveyed from ancient times in Japan, you can see how the Japanese people felt pleasure in the change of the season. It was a plant that became a big indicator of the change of the season. In the spring cherry blossoms pale color. The fresh green color of early summer. Indigo blue dyed with midsummer indigo .Mandarin oranges are the color of autumn. The plant names are often used to call the traditional Japanese colors.