Rikiya Oizumi

His print arts produced from the perspective that “Overlaying Prints Means Repeating Words” create a poetic world representing mental scenery based on the verbal image.

The thinking of “kare-sansui,” which is used to design the Japanese garden, is revived as a plane composition in this piece. Viewers may interpret and use its motif to resemble whatever they imagine.

Additionally, its generous use of space makes viewers feel reverberations and expense of space. As to make viewers be aware of their own memories and link with their sights, this piece is not composed with concrete expression, but with straight lines that represent something artificial, and curve lines that represent something in nature and life.

Movements and silence that appear in a scene of dance or music. Impression and beautifulness that can be savored only in that part. The inexpressible beauty is being considered in its motif.

This piece expresses the piano and a person who dances to that melody.