Season Lao

Born in Macao in 1987. Graduated from Macao Polytechnic Institute.

Macao was returned from Portugal to the current China at the end of the 20th century. Lao began activities as an artist as well as designer in his early 20s to explore the identity of Macao which was becoming urbanized and transformed mainly in entertainments. When Lao visited Hokkaido during his activities as an artist in various countries, he was attracted by its serene snowscape and has been based in Hokkaido to this day.

His works are mainly photos. Such subjects as the relationship between nature and mankind existing together, and the delicate balance between metropolis and countryside, are represented in a subtle way looking like ink-wash paintings (suiboku-ga) by using custom handmade paper made of plant fibers.

Currently Lao presents his works mainly in the East Asia but also exhibited many works in Europe and America.

His major works and projects include: His photo book “Pateo do Mungo” was published in Macao. In Italy, Lao’s works were exhibited and published as a book under the title of “L’UOMO NEL PAESAGGIO”. Besides Lao was invited as the representative artist of Macao to the opening of the Venice Biennale. In Japan, he had a joint exhibition with the Sapporo Snow Festival. He was the selected artist by Korean Daegu Art Fair and Tagboat, Japan’s largest online contemporary art gallery, for the special exhibition RED DOTS at Daegu Art Fair. Recommended by the Macao Museum of Art, his works were exhibited in China’s “Pingyao International Photography Festival” Macao pavilion.