AYA Niseko opening exhibition

13th December 2016 – 28th February 2017

In Japan, there is a word “ayanasu” which is a yamato kotoba (native Japanese word) meaning ‘to decorate colorfully’ or ‘to adorn with bright colors’. Yamato kotoba, or words, is elegant and expressive.

The people charmed by the beautiful nature will get together at AYA Niseko, which will give them a chance to see the works of various artists all over the property.
It is hoped that the visitors will savor the high-level artistry of the artists and their wonderful art works showing such elements as beautiful overlapping colors and lines. How they wove the spaces at AYA Niseko is just what the word ayanasu means.

It is our desire to see them continuously inherit the Japanese culture and introduce the Japanese art in the future.
The Kiyoe Gallery Niseko, on the 2nd floor of AYA Niseko, introduces such artists.

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