Personal Exhibition “YOKO ARANO” 3 June – 9 July 2017

Yoko Arano’s calligraphy spans 60 years, including regular trips to China and exhibitions across Japan.

Recognized as one of Hokkaido’s most talented artists, Arano-sensei is also a renowned figure in the Kutchan community, with over 24 years of service as a Kutchan Council Congress member.

Kiyoe Gallery is delighted to introduce the opportunity to meet Arano-sensei, and join her for a calligraphy lesson!

Beginners to experts all welcome. Come enjoy the calming experience of calligraphy.

Opening Party

To celebrate, please join us June 3, where Arano-sensei will be performing live calligraphy, and Baigetsu’s will be serving delicious Japanese sweets!

Location: AYA Niseko lobby, 2FKiyoe Gallery

Date: June 3rd

Time: 1pm~

Fee:  No charge

Calligraphy Lesson

Arano-sensei will be teaching the magic of calligraphy writing. All welcome!

Location: AYA Niseko 2F, Kiyoe Gallery

Date: June 10th

Time: 1pm~3pm

Fee: ¥1500 p/person

I look forward to seeing you in the Gallery! Open Wed thru Sun, 1pm-8pm.

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